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Roppongi Shop

30 seconds from Roppongi Crossing
World Wide Money (WWM), located in the heart of Roppongi, is open until 9 PM every night. Transactions are speedy because WWM does not require identification for currency exchanges in amounts below 2,000,000 yen. WWM exchanges 21 currencies, including dollars, euros and yuan, at bargain rates. Customers who wish to exchange large amounts or are concerned about security may utilize our internal secure room; please contact us in advance to do so.

US Dollar
WE BUY: 112.22
WE SELL: 118.28
WE BUY: 124.73
WE SELL: 133.49
Chinese Yuan
WE BUY: 16.43
WE SELL: 20.10
South Korean Won
WE BUY: 0.0853
WE SELL: 0.1058
British Pound
WE BUY: 143.89
WE SELL: 167.72
Taiwan New Dollar
WE BUY: 3.715
WE SELL: 4.624
Hong Kong Dollar
WE BUY: 13.32
WE SELL: 16.44
Singapore Dollar
WE BUY: 80.14
WE SELL: 89.97
Thai Baht
WE BUY: 3.207
WE SELL: 3.992
Philippine Peso
WE BUY: 2.023
WE SELL: 2.518
Canadian Dollar
WE BUY: 81.29
WE SELL: 99.36
Australian Dollar
WE BUY: 74.46
WE SELL: 91.45
Malaysian Ringgit
WE BUY: 24.76
WE SELL: 31.65
Indnesia Rupiah
WE BUY: 0.00706
WE SELL: 0.00924
India Rupee
WE BUY: 1.332
WE SELL: 1.761
Russian Ruble
WE BUY: 1.106
WE SELL: 1.575
New Zealand Dollar
WE BUY: 68.97
WE SELL: 86.03
Swiss Franc
WE BUY: 119.70
WE SELL: 129.95
Mexican Peso
WE BUY: 4.67
WE SELL: 6.48
Brazilian Real
WE BUY: 18.94
WE SELL: 26.39
South African Rand
WE BUY: 6.40
WE SELL: 8.82
2022-02-25 11:26
Currency Conversion
* Reference Rate

Western Union International Money Transfer

WWM handles Western Union money transfer services at our storefront. (Until 8:30 PM every evening.)

For customers living in Japan who have undergone residence registration, international money transfer procedures now require the presentation of documents certifying your personal number (My Number) is now required in addition to personal identification document. Please see the here for details.

For inquiries regarding money transfers please contact Western Union customer service.
[From within Japan] 0034-800-400-733
[From Overseas] +61-2-9226-9554

Luggage Storage Service

A service wherein customers may store their belongings in coin lockers.

Use cases:
・As a location to handover belongings to a friend
・Temporary storage while shopping
・Prior to catching a flight or train
・In the time prior to hotel check-in or after check-out

WWM provides reasonable prices and flawless security enabling you to feel at ease when utilizing our services.

[At the storefront]
500 yen or US $5 per bag

[Utilizing ecbo cloak]
300 yen per bag
600 yen per suitcase

The aforementioned fees are for single day storage. WWM does not store belongings in excess of one day.


Kato Building 1F, 5-1-5 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
TEL : +81(0)3-5413-5777

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WWM is 30 seconds by foot from Roppongi crossing, and is locating close to Imoaraizaka, Midtown, Roppongi Hills, Roppongi billboard and other Tokyo sight-seeing spots. Please stop by our storefront for bargain rates after you have enjoyed sight-seeing, restaurants, shopping, and night life.

Near Tokyo Midtown
World Wide Money Roppongi, located an approximately 5 minute walk from Tokyo Midtown, Billboard, Ritz Carlton, and Oakwood. Please use our services whenever you require foreign currency exchange for shopping, events, sight-seeing or other activities. On foot from Tokyo Midtown, WWM is located right after crossing Roppongi Crossing. You can store large luggage at our facilities, and enjoy sight-seeing at your own pace.

Near Roppongi Hills
Start your evening with a meal at Joel Robuchon before sushi at Roku Roku and stretching your legs at a restaurant in Azabu-juban. The location, taste, and atmosphere are top class. You can view the Tokyo Tower, Tokyo Skytree, Odaiba, Shinjuku and even Mt. Fuji from the sky deck on the roof of Roppongi Hills. Exchange your currency at WWM and enjoy to your heart's content.

For Travelers in Roppongi
Roppongi is popular with travelers and known as the city for adults that never sleeps. Night clubs such as Burlesque or Maharaja, and hotspots such as Zepp Roppongi and Hardrock Cafe, are all within walking distance. However, Japan's bars, izakaya and night clubs are in general cash-only. WWM Roppongi is open until 9 PM, so customers can use our services whenever the need arises. You can also use our luggage storage services whenever you require more ease of movement.